NL Central Features Dozens of Cubs, Cardinals Giveaways

The NL Central is handing out the biggest number of fan freebies in the MLB this season, with the Cubs and Cardinals giveaways specifically taking up a big chunk of the promotions. Check out what’s in store for the division’s fans as they head to ballparks this season.

Chicago Cubs giveaways run the gamut of items, from T-shirts and hats to piggy banks, lunch bags and even travel neck pillows. The Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds giveaways put a greater focus on children. Those baseball freebies range from wall decals and backpacks to youth jerseys and plush toys. St. Louis Cardinals giveaways offer a wide variety to fans of all ages. Some of the most notable giveaways in St. Louis include a dog food bowl for pet owners, blankets, baseball gloves, pajama pants, and a replica of the Cards’ 1944 World Series Championship ring.

Milwaukee Brewers giveaways aren’t as plentiful as other NL Central teams, but focus on practicality, handing out convenient coupon books on several occasions.

Click on any of the team links to find tickets for that particular game, and check out the remainder of 2019 MLB giveaway schedule by division: NL West ~ NL East ~ AL West ~ AL Central ~ AL East

Chicago Cubs Giveaways

April 8 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 13 vs. Los Angeles Angels – Cubs & Star Wars Blanket
April 14 vs. Los Angeles Angels – Replica Wrigley Field Statue
April 20 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Cubs Knit Beanie
May 5 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Cubs Hooded Pullover
May 10 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Cole Hamels Bobblehead
May 12 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Cubs “Pink Out” T-Shirt
May 23 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Cubs Reusable Tote Bag
May 24 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Cubs Cap
May 26 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Camo Athletic Shirt
June 5 vs. Colorado Rockies – Cubs Cap
June 7 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Cubs Cap
June 9 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Cubs Headphones
June 20 vs. New York Mets – Javier Baez Sliding Coin Bank
June 21 vs. New York Mets – Anthony Rizzo Bobblehead
June 23 vs. New York Mets – Clark Hooded Towel
June 24 vs. Atlanta Braves – Cubs Bucket Hat
June 25 vs. Atlanta Braves – Cubs Umbrella
June 26 vs. Atlanta Braves – Cubs BBQ Mitt
June 27 vs. Atlanta Braves – Cubs Cocktail Stones
July 12 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Cubs Cap
July 14 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Cubs Youth Socks
July 15 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Kris Bryant Bobblehead
July 16 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Cubs 1969 Replica Jersey
July 19 vs. San Diego Padres – Jon Lester Bobblehead
July 21 vs. San Diego Padres – Cubs Youth Baseball Cap
August 2 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Cubs Pajama Pants
August 3 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Baseball Card Pack
August 4 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Clark Bobblehead
August 5 vs. Oakland Athletics – Cubs Travel Neck Pillow
August 6 vs. Oakland Athletics – Cubs Expandable Tote Bag
August 21 vs. San Francisco Giants – Anthony Rizzo T-Shirt
August 22 vs. San Francisco Giants – Cubs Ice Cube Tray
August 23 vs. Washington Nationals – Cubs Cap
August 25 vs. Washington Nationals – Children’s Color Your Own Bag
August 30 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Cubs Three-Quarter Sleeve T-Shirt
September 1 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Cubs Lunch Bag
September 13 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Cubs Cap
September 15 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Pedro Strop Bobblehead
September 20 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Cubs Cap

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Cincinnati Reds Giveaways

March 28 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – 2019 Schedule Magnet & Car Magnet
March 30 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Kids Reds Cap
March 31 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – 2019 Team Calendar
May 4 vs. San Francisco Giants – Mr. Redlegs Bobblehead
May 5 vs. San Francisco Giants – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
May 16 vs. Chicago Cubs – Pink Wristbands
May 18 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Ernie Lombardi Bobblehead
May 19 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Kids Joey Votto Arm Sleeve
June 1 vs. Washington Nationals – Joe Morgan Bobblehead
June 2 vs. Washington Nationals – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
June 15 vs. Texas Rangers – Barry Larkin Bobblehead
June 16 vs. Texas Rangers – Father’s Day Giveaway TBA & Kids Fathead Wall Decal
June 29 vs. Chicago Cubs – 150th Anniversary Commemorative Reds Bag
June 30 vs. Chicago Cubs – Baseball Card Pack
July 6 vs. Cleveland Indians – Ohio Cub T-Shirt
July 7 vs. Cleveland Indians – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
July 18 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Yasiel Puig Bobblehead
July 20 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Eugenio Suarez Funko POP! Collectible
July 21 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
July 27 vs. Colorado Rockies – Tony Perez Bobblehead
July 28 vs. Colorado Rockies – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
August 10 vs. Chicago Cubs – Baseball Card Pack
August 11 vs. Chicago Cubs – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
August 17 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Johnny Bench Bobblehead
August 18 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
September 7 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Ken Griffey Jr. Bobblehead
September 8 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Kids Fathead Wall Decal
September 21 vs. New York Mets – 150th Anniversary Commemorative Blanket
September 22 vs. New York Mets – 2019 Reds Team Photo & Kids Fathead Wall Decal

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Milwaukee Brewers Giveaways

March 28 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – 2019 Schedule Magnet
March 31 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Jesus Aguilar Bobblehead
April 20 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Brewers Coupon Book
April 21 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Noah’s Ark Water Park Ticket
May 3 vs. New York Mets – Short Sleeve T-Shirt
May 5 vs. New York Mets – Jeremy Jeffress Bobblehead
May 25 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Brewers Coupon Book
June 4 vs. Miami Marlins – Recyclable Tote Bag
June 7 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Can Holder
June 9 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Christian Yelich Bobblehead
June 22 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Brewers Coupon Book
June 23 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Fanny Pack
June 28 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Trucker Hat
June 30 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Prince Fielder Bobblehead
July 13 vs. San Francisco Giants – Brewers Coupon Book
July 14 vs. San Francisco Giants – Cecil Cooper Replica Jersey
August 9 vs. Texas Rangers – Strapback Hat
August 10 vs. Texas Rangers – Baseball Card Pack
August 11 vs. Texas Rangers – Josh Hader Bobblehead
August 24 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Brewers Coupon Book
August 25 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Yasmani Grandal Bobblehead
September 7 vs. Chicago Cubs – Brewers Coupon Book
September 21 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Team Photo
September 22 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Knit Hat

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Pittsburgh Pirates Giveaways

April 1 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 5 vs. Cincinnati Reds – T-Shirt
April 7 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Kids Pirate Parrot Plush Toy
April 19 vs. San Francisco Giants – T-Shirt
April 21 vs. San Francisco Giants – Kids Drawstring Bag
May 3 vs. Oakland Athletics – T-Shirt
May 4 vs. Oakland Athletics – Jameson Taillon Bobblehead
May 5 vs. Oakland Athletics – Kids Water Bottle
May 25 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Pirates Camo Cap
May 31 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – T-Shirt
June 1 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Chris Archer Bobblehead
June 23 vs. San Diego Padres – Kids Josh Bell Black Replica Jersey
July 5 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – T-Shirt
July 6 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Pirates Hawaiian Shirt
July 19 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – T-Shirt
July 20 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Vintage Bobblehead
July 21 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Kids Pierogy Figurines
August 2 vs. New York Mets – T-Shirt
August 16 vs. Chicago Cubs – T-Shirt
August 17 vs. Chicago Cubs – Pirates Cardigan Sweater
August 24 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Pirates Lightweight Hoodie
August 25 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Kids Players’ Weekend Jersey
September 6 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – T-Shirt
September 7 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Pirates Spider-Man Bobblehead
September 8 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Toy Truck
September 28 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Steve Blass Bobblehead
September 29 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Kids Backpack

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St. Louis Cardinals Giveaways

April 4 vs. San Diego Padres – 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 6 vs. San Diego Padres – Hall of Fame Car Parade Bobblehead
April 7 vs. San Diego Padres – Adult Windbreaker & Kids Free Ticket Voucher
April 19 vs. New York Mets – Adult Fleece Vest
April 20 vs. New York Mets – Adult Road Alternate Embroidered Jersey
April 21 vs. New York Mets – Cardinals Build-A-Bear Workshop Bunny & Kids Free Ticket Voucher
April 23 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – April T-Shirt of the Month
April 26 vs. Cincinnati Reds – YAD! Tumbler
April 27 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Stadium Sweatshirt Blanket
April 28 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Kids Road Alternate Yadier Molina Jersey & Tote Bag & Kids Free Ticket Voucher
May 7 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – May T-Shirt of the Month
May 10 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Yadier Molina and Roberto Clemente Double Bobblehead
May 11 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Adult Cardinals Performance T-Shirt
May 12 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Cardinals Crossbody Bag
May 24 vs. Atlanta Braves – Marcell Ozuna Bobblehead
May 25 vs. Atlanta Braves – YADI Dog Bowl
May 26 vs. Atlanta Braves – Cardinals Kids Tumbler
June 4 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Cardinals Decal
June 23 vs. Los Angeles Angels – Kids Baseball Glove
June 26 vs. Oakland Athletics – June T-Shirt of the Month
July 12 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Adult 2009 All-Star Game Jersey
July 13 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Cardinals Golf Umbrella
July 14 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Cardinals Large Brim Straw Hat
July 15 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – July T-Shirt of the Month
July 26 vs. Houston Astros – Mystery Player Jersey
July 27 vs. Houston Astros – Mystery Player National League Champions Ring
July 28 vs. Houston Astros – MV3 Triple Bobblehead
August 9 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Adult Cardinals Tank Top
August 10 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Cardinals Skyline Mesh Back Hat & Baseball Card Pack
August 11 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Cardinals Adult Socks
August 22 vs. Colorado Rockies – August T-Shirt of the Month
August 23 vs. Colorado Rockies – Adult Cardinals Mesh Pullover Jersey
August 24 vs. Colorado Rockies – Hall of Fame Baseball Cap
August 25 vs. Colorado Rockies – 1944 World Series Championship Replica Ring & Paul Goldschmidt Growth Poster
August 30 vs. Cincinnati Reds – 2004 National League Champions Beer Stein
August 31 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Adult Road Gray Embroidered Jersey
September 1 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Kids Cardinals Pajama Pants
September 2 vs. San Francisco Giants – Yadier Molina Funko POP! Collectible
September 13 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Adult Cardinals Hockey Sweater
September 14 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Stan Musial & Red Schoendienst Double Bobblehead
September 15 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Cardinals Adult & Kids Beanies
September 16 vs. Washington Nationals – September T-Shirt of the Month
September 28 vs. Chicago Cubs – 2020 Schedule Magnet
September 29 vs. Chicago Cubs – 2020 Free Ticket Voucher & 2020 Schedule Magnet

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