Mets, Phillies Giveaways Put Focus on Kids in NL East

There’s plenty of excitement in bringing the whole family out to the ballpark for America’s pastime, but the NL East is putting a particular focus on children with their fan freebies. This season’s Mets, Nationals and Phillies giveaways have plenty to offer the youngest fans, while Braves and Marlins giveaways are also quite diverse.

Among the 2019 New York Mets giveaways are teddy bears from Build-A-Bear Workshop and toy trucks for the youngsters, plus a fair share of bobbleheads, T-shirts, and replica collector’s items. To coincide with the MLB’s popular Star Wars and Marvel theme nights, the Mets are also handing out special Spider-Man and Obi-Wan “Canobi” bobbleheads to fans.

The Philadelphia Phillies giveaways are by far the most kid-friendly of the division. Kids can pick up a Phanatic book, backpack, arm sleeve, hooded towel and more, while Mom and Dad can enjoy free women’s pullovers and men’s vests. Perhaps one of the most anticipated Phillies giveaways this season will occur in a July 28 game against the Braves, when fans can snag a replica jersey of newest Phillie Bryce Harper.

Check out the full list of NL East giveaways by team below.

Click on any of the team links to find tickets for that particular game, and check out the remainder of 2019 MLB giveaway schedule by division: NL West ~ NL Central ~ AL West ~ AL Central ~ AL East

Atlanta Braves Giveaways

April 1 vs. Chicago Cubs – Chop On Tomahawk & 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 3 vs. Chicago Cubs – 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 5 vs. Miami Marlins – Tote Bag
April 7 vs. Miami Marlins – Red Freeman Youth Jersey
April 14 vs. New York Mets – Phil the Bucket Bobblehead
April 26 vs. Colorado Rockies – Ronald Acuna Bobblehead
April 28 vs. Colorado Rockies – Kids Braves Socks
May 16 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Josh Donaldson Bobblehead
May 19 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – B-Rush Bobblehead
May 29 vs. Washington Nationals – NAPA Cap
June 2 vs. Detroit Tigers – Kids Play Ball Giveaway
June 11 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Swanberson Bobblehead
June 16 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Freddie and Ozzie Height Chart
June 19 vs. New York Mets – Ozzie Chain
July 2 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – All-Star Poster
July 5 vs. Miami Marlins – Walter Banks Bobblehead
July 7 vs. Miami Marlins – Kids Lunchbox
July 21 vs. Washington Nationals – Kids Backpack
July 23 vs. Kansas City Royals – Ozzie Albies Bobblehead
July 24 vs. Kansas City Royals – Ozzie Albies Bobblehead
August 2 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Baseball Card Pack
August 4 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Hammerin’ Hank Bobblehead
August 18 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Baseball Card Pack
August 30 vs. Chicago White Sox – Freddie Freeman Funko POP!
September 1 vs. Chicago White Sox – Kids Backpack Clip
September 8 vs. Washington Nationals – Kids Arm Sleeve
September 22 vs. San Francisco Giants – Two Bit Bobblehead

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Miami Marlins Giveaways

March 28 vs. Colorado Rockies – 2019 Schedule Magnet & Car Flag
March 30 vs. Colorado Rockies – Lapel Pin
March 31 vs. Colorado Rockies – Kids Ballcap
April 13 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Bucket Hat
April 14 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Kids Sunglasses
April 20 vs. Washington Nationals – T-Shirt
April 21 vs. Washington Nationals – Kids Socks
May 4 vs. Atlanta Braves – Clear Tote Bag
May 5 vs. Atlanta Braves – Kids Batting Gloves
May 18 vs. New York Mets – Cooling Towel
May 19 vs. New York Mets – Kids Baseball Glove
June 8 vs. Atlanta Braves – Cell Phone Wallet
June 9 vs. Atlanta Braves – Jersey Swirler
June 15 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Fedora
June 16 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Kids Ball Tin Set
June 29 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Miguel Rojas Bobblehead
June 30 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Kids Pullover
July 13 vs. New York Mets – All-Star Poster
July 14 vs. New York Mets – Kids Jersey
July 27 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Baseball Card Pack
July 28 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Marlins Toy Truck
August 10 vs. Atlanta Braves – Jose Urena Bobblehead
August 11 vs. Atlanta Braves – Kids Bat Backpack
August 24 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Billy the Marlin Bobblehead
August 25 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Kids Arm Sleeve
September 7 vs. Kansas City Royals – Brian Anderson Bobblehead
September 8 vs. Kansas City Royals – Kids Wristband
September 21 vs. Washington Nationals – Pablo Lopez Bobblehead
September 22 vs. Washington Nationals – Kids Water Bottle

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New York Mets Giveaways

April 4 vs. Washington Nationals – 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 6 vs. Washington Nationals – Todd Frazier Bobblehead
April 7 vs. Washington Nationals – Jacob deGrom Bobblehead
April 26 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – T-Shirt
April 27 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Noah Syndergaard Bobblehead
April 28 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Baseball Socks
May 10 vs. Miami Marlins – T-Shirt
May 12 vs. Miami Marlins – Mother’s Day Infinity Scarf
May 24 vs. Detroit Tigers – T-Shirt
May 25 vs. Detroit Tigers – Obi-Wan Canobi Bobblehead
May 26 vs. Detroit Tigers – Tote Bag
June 7 vs. Colorado Rockies – T-Shirt
June 9 vs. Colorado Rockies – Sunglasses
June 14 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – T-Shirt
June 15 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Brandon Nimmo Gnome
June 16 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Mets Cap
June 28 vs. Atlanta Braves – 1969 Replica Jersey
June 29 vs. Atlanta Braves – 1969 Pennant
June 30 vs. Atlanta Braves – 1969 Replica Ring
July 7 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Spider-Man Bobblehead
July 26 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Replica Jersey
July 27 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Mr. Met Bobblehead
July 28 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Visor
August 9 vs. Washington Nationals – T-Shirt
August 10 vs. Washington Nationals – Hawaiian Shirt
August 11 vs. Washington Nationals – Baseball Card Pack
August 23 vs. Atlanta Braves – T-Shirt
August 25 vs. Atlanta Braves – Tie-Dye Bandana
September 6 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – T-Shirt
September 7 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – TBA
September 8 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Mets Toy Truck
September 13 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – T-Shirt
September 14 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Build-A-Bear Teddy
September 15 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Beanie
September 27 vs. Atlanta Braves – T-Shirt
September 28 vs. Atlanta Braves – Fleece Blanket
September 29 vs. Atlanta Braves – 2020 Schedule Magnet

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Philadelphia Phillies Giveaways

March 28 vs. Atlanta Braves – Rally Towel
March 30 vs. Atlanta Braves – Hooded T-Shirt
March 31 vs. Atlanta Braves – T-Shirt
April 6 vs. Minnesota Twins – Phillies Socks
April 7 vs. Minnesota Twins – Knit Hat
April 25 vs. Miami Marlins – Andrew McCutchen Retro T-Shirt
April 28 vs. Miami Marlins – Hooded Towel
May 4 vs. Washington Nationals – 2008 World Champions Replica Ring
May 5 vs. Washington Nationals – Ladies Fleece Pullover
May 19 vs. Colorado Rockies – Kids Arm Sleeve
June 7 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Phanatic Children’s Book
June 9 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Men’s Vest
June 21 vs. Miami Marlins – Chase Utley Bobblehead
June 23 vs. Miami Marlins – Wiffle Ball and Bat Set
July 14 vs. Washington Nationals – Ryan Howard Bobblehead
July 18 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Retro Tote Bag
July 28 vs. Atlanta Braves – Bryce Harper Replica Jersey
August 18 vs. San Diego Padres – Aaron Nola Bobblehead
September 1 vs. New York Mets – Kids Backpack
September 15 vs. Boston Red Sox – Toy Truck

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Washington Nationals Giveaways

March 28 vs. New York Mets – 2019 Schedule T-Shirt
March 30 vs. New York Mets – In-Park Live Radio Lanyard
April 12 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Juan Soto Bobblehead
April 28 vs. San Diego Padres – Kids Watch
May 2 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Expandable Beach Bag
May 15 vs. New York Met – Trea Turner Bobblehead
May 25 vs. Miami Marlins – Captain Zimmerman Bobblehead
May 26 vs. Miami Marlins – Kids Max Scherzer Jersey
June 15 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Obi “Sean” Kenobi Bobblehead
June 21 vs. Atlanta Braves – Max Scherzer Bobblehead
June 23 vs. Atlanta Braves – Kids Screech Hooded Towel
July 2 vs. Miami Marlins – Adam Eaton Bobblehead
July 23 vs. Colorado Rockies – Nationals Water Bottle
July 27 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Presidents Tote Bag
August 17 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Patrick Corbin Bobblehead
August 18 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Kids Teddy Squeezable Toy
August 31 vs. Miami Marlins – Camo Tank
September 14 vs. Atlanta Braves – Oktoberfest Nationals Beer Stein
September 15 vs. Atlanta Braves – Kids Lumberjack Cup
September 29 vs. Cleveland Indians – Nationals Puffy Vest

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