Astros, Angels Giveaways Offer Most Variety in AL West

The American League West promises to dish up plenty of exciting baseball action this season, along with plenty of free items for fans! Before you take in a game, be sure to check out all the hand-outs taking place inside AL West ballparks, from the diverse Astros and Angels giveaways to the collectible-heavy Rangers and Mariners giveaways.

In Seattle, this year’s collection of Mariners giveaways include the typical bobbleheads, magnets and T-shirts. However, to honor longtime designated hitter, third baseman and former hitting coach Edgar Martinez’s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, the 2019 Mariners giveaway schedule also features special Martinez novelty items.

The Oakland A’s and Texas Rangers giveaways are somewhat sparse, but fans can still pick up children’s items, hats, tote bags and more. Houston Astros giveaways run the gamut of items, as do Los Angeles Angels giveaways. The Astros’ T-Shirt Tuesday promotion occurs 11 times throughout this season, and they’ll also hand out replica jerseys, baseball cards, and team memorabilia. Angels giveaways are especially diverse, with a Christmas stocking, beach umbrella, duffel bag and cooler backpack among the bunch.

Click on any of the team links to find tickets for that particular game, and check out the remainder of 2019 MLB giveaway schedule by division: AL East ~ AL Central ~ NL West ~ NL Central ~ NL East

Houston Astros Giveaways

April 5 vs. Oakland Athletics – 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 9 vs. New York Yankees – T-Shirt
April 22 vs. Minnesota Twins – George Springer Replica Jersey
April 23 vs. Minnesota Twins – T-Shirt
April 26 vs. Cleveland Indians – Alex Bregman Bobblehead
April 28 vs. Cleveland Indians – Astros Tote Bag
May 6 vs. Kansas City Royals – “Hugs for Homers” Bobblehead
May 7 vs. Kansas City Royals – T-Shirt
May 11 vs. Texas Rangers – Justin Verlander Replica Jersey
May 12 vs. Texas Rangers – Astros Clutch
May 21 vs. Chicago White Sox – T-Shirt
May 22 vs. Chicago White Sox – Yuli Gurriel Bobblehead
May 28 vs. Chicago Cubs – T-Shirt
June 8 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Jose Altuve Replica Jersey
June 9 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Orbit Socks
June 11 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Replica Kids Fire Helmets
June 12 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – George Springer Bobblehead
June 15 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – River Hat
June 16 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Hawaiian Shirt
June 25 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – T-Shirt
June 26 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Jose Altuve Bobblehead
June 28 vs. Seattle Mariners – Fanny Pack
June 29 vs. Seattle Mariners – Michael Brantley Replica Jersey
July 6 vs. Los Angeles Angels – Gerrit “Cole Train” Pitching Bobblehead
July 7 vs. Los Angeles Angels – Carlos Correa Replica Youth Jersey
July 19 vs. Texas Rangers – Lone Star Series T-Shirt
July 20 vs. Texas Rangers – Astros Tote Bag
July 22 vs. Oakland Athletics – Carlos Correa Bobblehead
July 22 vs. Oakland Athletics – T-Shirt
August 2 vs. Seattle Mariners – Nolan Ryan Replica Jersey
August 3 vs. Seattle Mariners – Astros Hall of Fame Plaque Monument
August 4 vs. Seattle Mariners – Replica Astros Hall of Fame Jacket Statue
August 6 vs. Colorado Rockies – T-Shirt & Baseball Card Pack
August 20 vs. Detroit Tigers – T-Shirt
August 27 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – T-Shirt
September 7 vs. Seattle Mariners – Justin Verlander Bobblehead
September 10 vs. Oakland Athletics – T-Shirt
September 17 vs. Texas Rangers – T-Shirt
September 22 vs. Los Angeles Angels – 2020 Team Photo/Poster

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Los Angeles Angels Giveaways

April 4 vs. Texas Rangers – Wall Calendar
April 5 vs. Texas Rangers – Mike Trout Bobblehead
April 6 vs. Texas Rangers – Tote Bag
April 7 vs. Texas Rangers – Tote Bag
April 19 vs. Seattle Mariners – Ohtani Blanket
April 20 vs. Seattle Mariners – Youth Mike Trout Jersey
April 30 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Ohtani Rookie of the Year Sweatshirt
May 17 vs. Kansas City Royals – Cowboy Hat
May 18 vs. Kansas City Royals – Patriotic Tote Bag
May 24 vs. Texas Rangers – Wookiee Rally Monkey
June 7 vs. Seattle Mariners – Leather Logo Hat
June 27 vs. Oakland Athletics – Trout #27 Cooler Backpack
June 28 vs. Oakland Athletics – Christmas Stocking
July 12 vs. Seattle Mariners – Beach Umbrella
July 16 vs. Houston Astros – Ohtani Bobblehead
July 25 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Baseball Card Pack
July 26 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Tank Top
July 27 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Trout #27 Hat
August 16 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Tie Dye Shirt
August 27 vs. Texas Rangers – Duffle Bag
September 13 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Trout/Ducks Bobblehead
September 24 vs. Oakland Athletics – Ohtani Shirt
September 27 vs. Houston Astros – Trout #27 Jersey

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Oakland Athletics Giveaways

March 28 vs. Los Angeles Angels – Rally Towel
March 29 vs. Los Angeles Angels – Bob Melvin Manager of the Year Pin
April 19 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Pet Calendar
April 20 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Matt Chapman Bobblehead
May 25 vs. Seattle Mariners – Rally Candle
June 1 vs. Houston Astros – Fanny Pack
June 16 vs. Seattle Mariners – Khris Davis Bat
June 20 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Oakland Larks Cap
June 22 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Matt Olson Bobblehead
July 4 vs. Minnesota Twins – Oakland Tote Bag
July 14 vs. Chicago White Sox – T-Shirt
August 4 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – T-Shirt
September 8 vs. Detroit Tigers – Bert Campaneris Bobblehead

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Seattle Mariners Giveaways

March 28 vs. Boston Red Sox – 2019 Schedule Magnet
March 31 vs. Boston Red Sox – Kids T-Shirt
April 12 vs. Houston Astros – Mariners Hoodie
April 13 vs. Houston Astros – Military Cap
April 14 vs. Houston Astros – Reusable Tote Bag
April 26 vs. Texas Rangers – Fanny Pack
April 27 vs. Texas Rangers – Mitch Haniger Bobblehead
April 28 vs. Texas Rangers – Mariners Sunglasses
May 17 vs. Minnesota Twins – Mariners Trucker Hat
May 18 vs. Minnesota Twins – Ken Griffey Jr. Bobblehead
May 19 vs. Minnesota Twins – Mariners Infinity Scarf & Kids Arm Sleeve
June 2 vs. Los Angeles Angels – Mariners Bat and Ball Set
June 21 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Lou Piniella Hawaiian Shirt
June 22 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Seattle Pilots Caps
June 23 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Rick Rizzs Talking Bottle Opener & Youth Socks
July 4 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Patriotic Mariners Tank Top
July 21 vs. Los Angeles Angels – Edgar Martinez Hall of Fame Placard
July 26 vs. Detroit Tigers – Mariners Clutch
July 27 vs. Detroit Tigers – Mariners Beach Towel
July 28 vs. Detroit Tigers – Mariners Backpack
August 7 vs. San Diego Padres – Mariners T-Shirt
August 9 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Edgar Martinez Hall of Fame Bobblehead
August 10 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Edgar Martinez Hall of Fame Replica Plaque
August 11 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Edgar Martinez Drive Replica Street Sign
September 14 vs. Chicago White Sox – Player Bobblehead TBA
September 27 vs. Oakland Athletics – Team Poster
September 29 vs. Oakland Athletics – Moose Posters

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Texas Rangers Giveaways

March 28 vs. Chicago Cubs – 2019 Schedule Magnet
March 31 vs. Chicago Cubs – Globe Life Park Calendar
April 13 vs. Oakland Athletics – T-Shirt
April 20 vs. Houston Astros – Michael Young Bobblehead
May 4 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Gary Matthews Jr. Bobblehead
May 19 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Final Season Logo Cap
June 1 vs. Kansas City Royals – Josh Hamilton Bobblehead
June 2 vs. Kansas City Royals – Globe Life Park T-Shirt
June 4 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Rangers Tote
June 7 vs. Oakland Athletics – Ball & Bat Set
June 8 vs. Oakland Athletics – Adrian Beltre Bobblehead
June 9 vs. Oakland Athletics – Elvis Andrus Infield Base Set
June 22 vs. Chicago White Sox – Ivan Rodriguez Bobblehead
July 13 vs. Houston Astros – Juan Gonzalez Bobblehead
July 14 vs. Houston Astros – Texas Rangers Yearbook
August 3 vs. Detroit Tigers – Rusty Greer Bobblehead
August 17 vs. Minnesota Twins – Kenny Rogers Bobblehead
September 14 vs. Oakland Athletics – Bengie Molina & Neftali Feliz Bobblehead
September 28 vs. New York Yankees – 2010 AL Pennant Scoreboard Replica
September 29 vs. New York Yankees – T-Shirt

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