Royals, White Sox Giveaways Among Best in AL Central

As we dive in-depth at all of the MLB giveaways on the agenda for the 2019 season, the AL Central division differs from others. It perhaps has the fewest total promotions, but nonetheless remains creative with the ones teams do. In particular, the Kansas City Royals and Chicago White Sox giveaways stand out from the pack for their unusual variety.

The Royals giveaways include standard items like T-shirts, bobbleheads and magnets, but also venture into a more creative side with fleece blankets, oven mitts, fanny packs, and even a license plate holder. Notable White Sox giveaways include hoodies, soccer jerseys, and a special golf polo for their Father’s Day game against the Yankees.

Tigers fans can pick up coolers, travel mugs and tote bags while the Cleveland Indians are giving away a replica of their Great American Ballpark and even a welcome mat. The 2019 Minnesota Twins giveaway schedule is rather sparse, handing out freebies to fans on only seven occasions.

Click on any of the team links to find tickets for that particular game, and check out the remainder of 2019 MLB giveaway schedule by division: AL East ~ AL West ~ NL West ~ NL Central ~ NL East

Chicago White Sox Giveaways

April 4 vs. Seattle Mariners – T-Shirt
April 6 vs. Seattle Mariners – White Sox Hoodie
April 8 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 9 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 10 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 15 vs. Kansas City Royals – 2019 Wall Calendar
April 16 vs. Kansas City Royals – 2019 Wall Calendar
April 17 vs. Kansas City Royals – 2019 Wall Calendar
April 26 vs. Detroit Tigers – White Sox Tote Bag
April 27 vs. Detroit Tigers – Jose Abreu Bobblehead
May 2 vs. Boston Red Sox – T-Shirt
May 4 vs. Boston Red Sox – Star Wars R2-D2 Bobblehead
May 5 vs. Boston Red Sox – Los White Sox Soccer Jersey
May 16 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – T-Shirt
May 18 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Carlos Rodon Bobblehead
May 30 vs. Cleveland Indians – T-Shirt
June 1 vs. Cleveland Indians – White Sox Jersey
June 13 vs. New York Yankees – T-Shirt
June 15 vs. New York Yankees – White Sox Hawaiian Shirt
June 16 vs. New York Yankees – Father’s Day Golf Polo
June 29 vs. Minnesota Twins – White Sox 312 Hat
July 4 vs. Detroit Tigers – T-Shirt
July 25 vs. Minnesota Twins – T-Shirt
July 26 vs. Minnesota Twins – White Sox Spiderman Bobblehead
July 27 vs. Minnesota Twins – Baseball Cards
August 1 vs. New York Mets – T-Shirt
August 11 vs. Oakland Athletics – Replica Hall of Fame Replica
August 22 vs. Texas Rangers – T-Shirt
August 25 vs. Texas Rangers – White Sox Water Bottle
August 29 vs. Minnesota Twins – T-Shirt
September 12 vs. Kansas City Royals – T-Shirt
September 26 vs. Cleveland Indians – T-Shirt

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Cleveland Indians Giveaways

April 1 vs. Chicago White Sox – 2019 Schedule Magnet & Car Magnet
May 4 vs. Seattle Mariners – Welcome Mat
May 18 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Brad Hand Jersey
May 25 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Francisco Lindor Bobblehead
June 5 vs. Minnesota Twins – Mike Clevinger Bobblehead
June 12 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Jose Ramirez Cap
June 21 vs. Detroit Tigers – Freezer Mug
June 22 vs. Detroit Tigers – Replica Ballpark
June 24 vs. Kansas City Royals – All-Star Game Tote Bag
June 25 vs. Kansas City Royals – All-Star Game Tote Bag
June 26 vs. Kansas City Royals – All-Star Game Tote Bag
July 19 vs. Kansas City Royals – Bottle Opener Sunglasses
July 20 vs. Kansas City Royals – Francisco Lindor “Mr. Smile” Jersey
July 31 vs. Houston Astros – Carlos Carrasco Jersey
August 3 vs. Los Angeles Angels – T-Shirt
August 4 vs. Los Angeles Angels – Baseball Card Set
August 14 vs. Boston Red Sox – Beach Bag
August 23 vs. Kansas City Royals – Patterned Socks
August 24 vs. Kansas City Royals – Sandy Alomar Bobblehead
September 4 vs. Chicago White Sox – Red Alternate Jersey
September 14 vs. Minnesota Twins – Lightweight Hoodie
September 21 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – 2020 Schedule Poster

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Detroit Tigers Giveaways

April 6 vs. Kansas City Royals – 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 7 vs. Kansas City Royals – Kid’s Opening Day Wall Calendar
April 20 vs. Chicago White Sox – Trapper Hat
May 18 vs. Oakland Athletics – Tote Bag
June 7 vs. Minnesota Twins – Carry-On Bag
June 8 vs. Minnesota Twins – Tigers Travel Mug
June 9 vs. Minnesota Twins – Kids Bat and Ball Set
June 14 vs. Cleveland Indians – Pure Michigan Koozie
June 15 vs. Cleveland Indians – Tigers Cooler
June 16 vs. Cleveland Indians – Father’s Day Men’s Toiletry Bag
June 28 vs. Washington Nationals – Lou Whitaker and Lance Parrish Mini Bat
June 29 vs. Washington Nationals – Sparky Anderson Bobblehead
July 5 vs. Boston Red Sox – Patriotic Hat
July 6 vs. Boston Red Sox – Miguel Cabrera Bobblehead
July 7 vs. Boston Red Sox – Kids Pajama Pants
July 19 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Giveaway TBA
July 20 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Floppy Hat
July 21 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Kids Lunch Box
August 9 vs. Kansas City Royals – Baseball Card Pack
August 10 vs. Kansas City Royals – Detroit Stars Replica Jersey
August 11 vs. Kansas City Royals – Kids Back to School Spiral
August 30 vs. Minnesota Twins – Tote Bag
September 21 vs. Chicago White Sox – Print All Over Shirt

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Kansas City Royals Giveaways

March 28 vs. Chicago White Sox – 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 13 vs. Cleveland Indians – Royals Tote Bag
April 27 vs. Los Angeles Angels – License Plate Holder
May 10 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Attractions Coupon Sheet
May 11 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Adalberto Mondesi Bobblehead
May 12 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – CrownVision Photo Frame
May 14 vs. Texas Rangers – T-Shirt
May 24 vs. New York Yankees – Baseball Cap
May 25 vs. New York Yankees – Jersey Pullover
June 8 vs. Chicago White Sox – Whit Oven Mitt
June 11 vs. Detroit Tigers – T-Shirt
June 22 vs. Minnesota Twins – Hawaiian Shirt
June 23 vs. Minnesota Twins – Short Bill Baseball Cap
July 2 vs. Cleveland Indians – T-Shirt
July 4 vs. Cleveland Indians – Pitcher & Cup Set
July 13 vs. Detroit Tigers – Danny Duffy Bobblehead
July 16 vs. Chicago White Sox – T-Shirt
July 26 vs. Cleveland Indians – Fanny Pack
July 27 vs. Cleveland Indians – Royals Jersey
July 28 vs. Cleveland Indians – Baseball Card Set
July 30 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – T-Shirt
August 17 vs. New York Mets – Vintage Bobblehead
August 27 vs. Oakland Athletics – T-Shirt
August 31 vs. Baltimore Orioles – Reusable Water Bottle
September 13 vs. Houston Astros – Ladies Large Tote Bag
September 28 vs. Minnesota Twins – Fleece Blanket
September 29 vs. Minnesota Twins – Early Bird Schedule/Team Photo

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Minnesota Twins Giveaways

March 28 vs. Cleveland Indians – Twins Puffer Vest
May 24 vs. Chicago White Sox – Joe Mauer Bobblehead
June 15 vs. Kansas City Royals – No. 7 Baseball Cap
August 3 vs. Kansas City Royals – Joe Nathan Hall of Fame Bobblehead
August 4 vs. Kansas City Royals – Joe Nathan and Jerry Bell Hall of Fame Pins
August 24 vs. Detroit Tigers – Joe Mauer Bobblehead
September 7 vs. Cleveland Indians – Joe Mauer Bobblehead

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