Giants, Dodgers Giveaways Represent Best of NL West

With baseball season right around the corner, we’re breaking down all of the free giveaways the MLB has in store for 2019. NL West teams are handing out the typical ballpark freebies this season, but it’s the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers giveaways in particular that could bring more fans in to the games. 

Notable Dodgers giveaways include two different hoodies, a beach bag and even a ladies scarf for their Mother’s Day game against the Nationals. However, the bobblehead is by far the most popular of all 2019 Dodgers giveaways, as the team will hand out the collectible on twelve different occasions this season.

The Giants giveaways also include a fair share of bobbleheads, T-shirts, and clothing garments, plus novelty team items. See everything they, plus the rest of the NL West, have to offer in the breakdown below.

Click on any of the team links to find tickets for that particular game, and check out the remainder of 2019 MLB giveaway schedule by division: NL Central ~ NL East ~ AL West ~ AL Central ~ AL East

Arizona Diamondbacks Giveaways

April 5 vs. Boston Red Sox – 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 13 vs. San Diego Padres – Archie Bradley Bobblehead
April 14 vs. San Diego Padres – Bat & Ball Set
May 12 vs. Atlanta Braves – Mother’s Day Charm Necklace
May 18 vs. San Francisco Giants – Randy Johnson’s Perfect Game Starting Lineup Figurine
June 1 vs. New York Mets – Tribal Cap
June 22 vs. San Francisco Giants – David Peralta Bobblehead
July 6 vs. Colorado Rockies – Reusable Bag
July 20 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Nick Ahmed Bobblehead
August 3 vs. Washington Nationals – Haboob Globe
August 17 vs. San Francisco Giants – Tumbler Cup
September 14 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Los D-Backs Replica Jersey

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Colorado Rockies Giveaways

April 5 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Rally Towel
April 6 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – 2019 Schedule Magnet
April 7 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Wild Card Pennant
April 20 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Rockies Tote Bag
May 12 vs. San Diego Padres – Mother’s Day Wristlet
June 15 vs. San Diego Padres – Drink Tumblers
June 16 vs. San Diego Padres – Father’s Day Hat
June 29 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Kyle Freeland Shirt
June 30 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Trevor Story Bobblehead
July 14 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Charlie Blackmon Bobblehead
August 4 vs. San Francisco Giants – Kyle Freeman Bobblehead
August 27 vs. Boston Red Sox – Team Poster
August 31 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Lunch Bag

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Los Angeles Dodgers Giveaways

March 30 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Walker Buehler Bobblehead
April 3 vs. San Francisco Giants – Hooded Sweatshirt
April 13 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Cody Bellinger Bobblehead
April 15 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Jackie Robinson Jersey
April 27 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Don Newcombe Bobblehead
May 9 vs. Washington Nationals – Corey Seager Bobblehead
May 11 vs. Washington Nationals – Lightweight Hoodie
May 12 vs. Washington Nationals – Mother’s Day Scarf
May 30 vs. New York Mets – Sandy Koufax Jersey
June 1 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Steve Garvey Bobblehead
June 13 vs. Chicago Cubs – Joe Kelly Bobblehead
June 18 vs. San Francisco Giants – Clayton Kershaw Bobblehead
June 20 vs. San Francisco Giants – Canvas Beach Bag
June 22 vs. Colorado Rockies – Kike Hernandez Jersey Tee
July 6 vs. San Diego Padres – Player Jersey
July 20 vs. Miami Marlins – Fernando Valenzuela Bobblehead
August 3 vs. San Diego Padres – Socks
August 5 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Bobblehead TBA
August 11 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Kids Backpack
August 21 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Cap
August 22 vs. Toronto Blue Jays – Bobblehead TBA
September 4 vs. Colorado Rockies – Bobblehead TBA
September 8 vs. San Francisco Giants – Tote Bag
September 17 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Bobblehead TBA

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San Diego Padres Giveaways

March 28 vs. San Francisco Giants – Opening Day Hat
March 30 vs. San Francisco Giants – 50th Anniversary Swingin’ Friar Bobblehead
March 31 vs. San Francisco Giants – Padres and Puppies Calendar
April 20 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Poncho Fleece Blanket
April 21 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Kids Easter Egg
May 4 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Bucket Hat
May 5 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Kids Play Ball Set
May 18 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – Hoodie
June 1 vs. Miami Marlins – Swingin’ Friar Hat
June 8 vs. Washington Nationals – Beach Towel
June 29 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – 50th Anniversary Gwynn & Hoffman Replica Jerseys
July 13 vs. Atlanta Braves – Aloha Shirt
July 27 vs. San Francisco Giants – San Diego Chicken Bobblehead
July 28 vs. San Francisco Giants – Kids Backpack
August 10 vs. Colorado Rockies – Beach Bag & Baseball Card Pack
August 25 vs. Boston Red Sox – Kids Swingin’ Friar Book
September 7 vs. Colorado Rockies – Reusable Bag

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San Francisco Giants Giveaways

April 5 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Opening Day Calendar
April 6 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Evan Longoria Bobblehead
April 7 vs. Tampa Bay Rays – Buster Posey Cap
April 13 vs. Colorado Rockies – Two Flaps Down Hat
April 14 vs. Colorado Rockies – Giants Duffel Bag
April 27 vs. New York Yankees – Willie Mays 20th Anniversary Bobblehead
May 11 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Let Pablo Pitch Bobblehead
May 12 vs. Cincinnati Reds – Mother’s Day Wristlet
May 25 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Brandon Crawford T-Shirt
May 26 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Giants Flag Trucker Hat
June 8 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Mike Krukow or Duane Kulper Gnome
June 9 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Bruce Bochy Mug
June 15 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Giants Cap
June 16 vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Father’s Day Socks
June 29 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Dereck Rodriguez Bobblehead
June 30 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Reversible Beanie
July 6 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Will Clark Baseball T-Shirt
July 7 vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Grocery Tote
July 20 vs. New York Mets – Cable Car Replica
July 21 vs. New York Mets – Giveaway TBA
August 9 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Baseball Card Pack
August 10 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Giants Fog Globe
August 11 vs. Philadelphia Phillies – 1989 Giants Team Reunion
August 31 vs. San Diego Padres – Peanuts Woodstock Bobblehead
September 1 vs. San Diego Padres – Buster Posey T-Shirt
September 14 vs. Miami Marlins – Alaska Airlines 2-for-1 Voucher
September 15 vs. Miami Marlins – Star Wars Player Bobblehead TBA

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