Super Bowl Ticket Sales Led by Kansas City Market

In the countdown to Super Bowl LIV, the Kansas City Chiefs find themselves ahead, at least when it comes to their fan base. Per our database, Kansas City is currently topping the San Francisco and Miami area in Super Bowl ticket sales.

Super Bowl LIV is attracting the biggest regional draw from Kansas and Missouri, which claims a quarter of all sales. California currently occupies 12 percent, offering a glimpse into the type of support each team will be greeted with come kick-off.

Florida’s market has shown some reluctance booking a seat in Hard Rock Stadium, despite being at the epicenter of the action. The greater Miami area currently accounts for 16 percent of nationwide sales – down from host market figures in past years. Super Bowl LIV marks Miami’s record 11th time hosting the big game, six of which took place in the last 30 years. The area is likely experiencing a diminished hype upon welcoming the game every few years. The same can be said for second-most frequent host city New Orleans, which garnered similar results. Louisiana’s market earned only 10 percent of Super Bowl ticket sales when New Orleans last hosted the game in 2013.

Super Bowl Ticket Sales by Market

Historically, there has been a mixed bag when it comes to the top market. In 2014, the greater New York area dominated sales when the Super Bowl invaded MetLife Stadium. The same happened two years later in San Francisco. Bay Area locals came out in droves to see the Broncos-Panthers battle in Super Bowl 50, topping both teams’ markets. However, since 2012, the NFC champion’s market has combined to be the biggest contributor in regional Super Bowl ticket sales.

Super Bowl Ticket Sales by Niche Market, 2012-2020

Kansas City’s impact on this year’s sales will surely sway the AFC’s representation in Super Bowl sales. New England and Denver have seen repetitive Super Bowl appearances in recent years. This undoubtedly drained buyers in their respective markets. As a result, they were outdone by NFC underdogs Philadelphia, Atlanta and Seattle.

Nevertheless, KC sales figures are not terribly surprising given the Chiefs’ domination of the ticketing market this season. They topped the league in overall ticket sales for the second straight season. And following Week 17, their playoff tenure has been just as impressive. Upon clinching their spot in Super Bowl LIV, Patrick Mahomes and company now headline nine of the ten best-selling NFL games of the 2019 season.

Stay tuned here to see how these figures and Super Bowl ticket trends evolve leading up to the big game. As always, rely on Ticket Club for the cheapest Super Bowl tickets in the industry.

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