Which AFC, NFC Teams Make For the Most Competitive Super Bowl Market?

One of the final puzzle pieces of predicting this year’s NFL champion will be put into place this weekend. The highly-anticipated NFC and AFC Championship games will determine which teams take the field on Super Bowl Sunday. But which potential victors will signal the most competitive Super Bowl market?

According to Ticket Club data, the Packers and Chiefs could make the biggest impact in Miami. Kansas City’s devoted fans have come out in droves all season to support their team. In doing so, the Chiefs firmly sit atop the league within the secondary ticket market. They accounted for nearly half of the total sales for all remaining teams, followed by the Packers, 49ers and Titans, respectively.

2019 Season Sales Percentages of NFL Playoff Teams

While Chiefs fans were the most consistent during the regular season, Packers and 49ers fans appear to have the most confidence that their team will play for the Lombardi Trophy. Per Ticket Club’s database, several Super Bowl buyers hail from Wisconsin and California. On the other hand, Missouri and Tennessee locals are more hesitant to book their trip. However, that is expected to change once the teams are locked.

Preliminary ticket data points toward the Chiefs and Packers making up the strongest Super Bowl market. But how do they stack up on a larger scale? It turns out there’s not much difference.

An interactive map created by Twitter details the volume of fans each NFL team has by region. Green Bay’s wide fan base extends through most of the country. The Packers’ strongest support of course came in Wisconsin while Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska and Montana were also represented. Their NFC rival 49ers nabbed the majority of California counties, making them the most dominant of the state’s four NFL teams.

In the AFC, each team is mostly restricted to their own markets, though Kansas City has greater reach throughout the Midwest. See how each team stacks up against each other in their championship clashes.

AFC & NFC Championships – Team Fan Base by Region

If social media following is any indication, a Packers-Chiefs Super Bowl would draw the largest nationwide market. Each franchise is situated in the Midwest. However, they’ve proven to have enough appeal to garner travel from fans in most areas of the country. The same can’t necessarily be said for past games. In particular, the 2012 Super Bowl market – which featured Northeastern teams Giants and Patriots facing off in Indianapolis – lacked regional diversity. The majority of ticket buyers for that game hailed from Northeast and Midwest states.

Potential Packers-Chiefs Super Bowl Market

Potential Packers-Chiefs Super Bowl Market

No matter which teams advance, Super Bowl LIV is bound to be the biggest sporting event of the year. Stay tuned here for the latest updates on market trends, price fluctuations and more as the countdown continues. And as always, snag the cheapest Super Bowl tickets right here with big savings due to our no-fee-guarantee.

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