Super Bowl LIII: An Early Look at New England-Los Angeles Tickets

After a pair of overtime thrillers on Sunday, the Super Bowl LIII matchup is set. New England defeated Kansas City for its third straight AFC crown, 37-31. The berth in the big game is No. 9 in the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick era, and No. 11 for the Patriots franchise. The Los Angeles Rams won the NFC, defeating New Orleans in OT, 26-23. The last time the Rams played in a Super Bowl? That was back when the team called St. Louis home and had Kurt Warner at QB. In and fell to… the New England Patriots. Super Bowl tickets are available now, and the market is adjusting to the pairing as we speak. So where are the trends headed?

Currently, the ticket market for LIII is trending downward, according to our data. Through December 31st, tickets were averaging well over $5,000. In the first two weeks of the NFL playoffs, ticket prices hovered around $4400. But in the past week, the average sold ticket has ranged at a daily level of between $2,900 and $3,728. Overall, Super Bowl LIII tickets have averaged $3,926.

Super Bowl tickets

That average price actually dropped by over $1,000 – from $4,935 to $3,926 – between Friday and Monday. Is it that fans are bored with another chance to see the Patriots in the Super Bowl? Is it that Los Angeles – which just moved from St. Louis two seasons ago – hasn’t built up enough of a fan base? It’s too early to tell. But those numbers remain among the highest average prices from recent seasons. Only Super Bowl 50 ($3,956) and Super Bowl LII ($4,340) sold for more. That said, the trend appears to be moving this game away from the highest tier we’ve seen.

Super Bowl ticket price trend 2013-2019

What’s very clear is that the best deal on Super Bowl LIII tickets is right here at Ticket Club. We compared prices against the other major marketplaces, and members here have a huge advantage on price. The cheapest ticket right now on is $3,255 – that’ll get you a seat in Section 322, Row 24. The least expensive ticket (once you add the hidden fees they tack on) at competing marketplaces are several hundred dollars more. At TickPick, which also markets itself as a no service-fee marketplace, the least expensive ticket would be $3,500 (Section 323, Row 19). At Vivid Seats, $3,953 is the minimum you’ll pay to get in the stadium, for a seat in 333, Row 25. StubHub’s minimum is $3,996, good for a seat in 326, row 26. Finally, On Location Experiences, the “official” outlet owned by many NFL insiders, will cost you $3,922 for a seat in Section 304.

Ticket Club members fare even better when comparing tickets in the same section and row. For example: on three marketplaces, we were able to find a pair of tickets in Section 301, Row 15. For those two tickets, a members at Ticket Club would pay $7,088 total. On Location would run you $8,558 after over $1,400 in fees alone. At StubHub, that pair would go for $9,490.50.

Why on earth would anyone pay $2,403 more for tickets in the same section and row? We don’t know either.

comparing super bowl ticket prices ticket club

In terms of breaking down the stadium, tickets on the club level at Mercedes-Benz Stadium seem to be catching the highest premiums according to our data. Tickets in the Piedmont Club – the midfield section of the club level – have sold at an average of $10,725 thus far. that’s slightly higher than the average $9,819 tickets in the AMG Lounge and Suntrust Club have gone for.

The high listing price right now for a single ticket is just under $100K, for a ticket in the lower corner. That’s still well behind the highest total listing we’re seeing, as a full suite – good for you and a good number of friends – can be had for the tidy price of $624,750. That’s more than double the median home price in Georgia, so you might want to consider that investment before clicking purchase…

super bowl price breakdown ticket club

Overall, there’s a lot of time left between now and kickoff on February 3rd, but this is what the market looks like today. We’ll be back with more updates throughout the long pause between conference championship action and the big game.

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