How to Score US Open Tickets for Cheap: Do’s And Don’ts

The 2019 US Open is right around the corner and tennis fans are ready for the sport’s annual takeover of New York City. But being one of the year’s best-selling sporting events, attending a match or two can turn into an unnecessary financial burden. Don’t break the bank and instead use these helpful tips to find great US Open tickets for cheap.

Trying to get your hands on cheap US Open tickets may seem like a daunting task, but it may be easier than you think. To save some bucks, we recommend following these rules for visiting the North American Grand Slam.

Do: Plan a Daytime Visit
Being in the city that never sleeps, the US Open is known for its electric, high-energy nighttime matches. However, catching players during prime-time comes at a higher cost. Historical sales data shows that attending an evening session can cost fans anywhere from $20 to $100 more than during the daytime, depending on the round and lineup. This price gap tends to grow larger as the tournament progresses, which brings us to our next tip.

Do: Attend During the Tournament’s First Days
US Open ticket prices can fluctuate year-over-year, however, the lowest prices are always found throughout the early rounds. Last year, the average ticket price for a daytime session pass at Arthur Ashe Stadium jumped 50% from Day 1 of the tournament to Day 5. Tickets for the same sessions at Louis Armstrong Stadium saw an increase of 136%, proving that a day can make a world of difference. While the draw may not be whittled down just yet, there is still plenty of tennis thrills to be had during the first week of play. Fans can often witness major upsets that become the talk of the tournament during this time.

Do: Opt for a Grounds Pass
The US Open grounds pass may be overlooked by some, but it often serves as the ideal ticket for tennis novices and enthusiasts alike. Grounds passes grant you general admission into every court in the complex except Arthur Ashe Stadium and usually start under $100. You can even wander over to the practice facilities where you can catch some of the game’s top stars hit the ball around, whether or not they’re scheduled to play that day. For a minimal price, the US Open grounds pass offers a rich experience.

On the other end of the spectrum, you could get tricked into paying an arm and a leg for admission into the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Here’s how to avoid overspending.

Don’t: Visit During Labor Day Weekend
The holiday weekend brings hordes of people into the complex, and therefore creates a higher demand for tickets. The price of entry into the two biggest courts – Arthur Ashe Stadium and Louis Armstrong Stadium – typically soars upwards of $300 during Saturday’s competition, while Sunday sees prices dip only slightly. If the long weekend is your only chance to visit the US Open, opt to go on Labor Day itself, where prices have historically been the lowest of the three days.

Don’t: Pay For A Single-Headlining Match
The men’s and women’s singles matches are the culminating moments of the tournament and what all fans look forward to. However, these matches come with the highest price tag and don’t promise further excitement following championship point. Every round prior promises that spectators will see at least two singles matches with the purchase of their session ticket and while prices can get steep during the later stages of the tournament, it’s often a better deal to see two matches for the price of one.

Don’t: Assume The Draw Will Produce Higher-Priced Matches

It’s always a gamble buying US Open tickets before the tournament begins. Even when the draw is seemingly set, upsets can always occur and throw a wrench in the tournament. Be wary when it comes to purchasing tickets too far in advance hoping for a a marquee match-up, as you might end up paying above face value if the draw plays out differently. The most notable example of this came in 2017 when men’s semifinal tickets sold for over $600 on average, with many fans expecting Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to have their first titanic clash in New York. Their US Open meeting is still yet to happen, and is the perfect lesson for those thinking of buying tickets prematurely.

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