Ticket Club Boasts Cheapest Super Bowl LIV Tickets of Major Resale Sites

Finding cheap Super Bowl tickets is often like finding a needle in a hay stack. Tickets regularly go for a few thousand dollars alone, but slap on extra fees for service and delivery, and some fans are left paying an arm and a leg for admission. However, savings are possible. In the early countdown to the big game, Ticket Club stands alone in holding the cheapest Super Bowl LIV tickets across major resale sites.

Within the first week of NFL playoff action, Super Bowl ticket prices have been on the minds of eagle-eyed fans nationwide. Base prices for admission into Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium have remained stagnant through the divisional round of playoffs. However, major resale sites differ in their lowest offering. Among them all, Ticket Club firmly stands out from the pack.

Ticket Club’s cheapest Super Bowl LIV tickets as of January 13 comes in at $4,086. Just days before, it boasted an even lower get-in price of $3,845. That figure falls considerably below the lowest offerings on both StubHub and Vivid Seats. The former ran steady with a get-in cost of roughly $6,100 last week, before jumping to $6,410 following divisional round action. The latter has stayed consistent at a $4,635 minimum cost.

Cheapest Super Bowl LIV Tickets by Site

Resale sites NFL On Location, MegaSeats and TicketsFeeFree also saw minor fluctuations in their cheapest Super Bowl tickets. However, they all wound up totaling at least $300 more than Ticket Club.

But what exactly makes for the gaping price discrepancies? It all boils down to Ticket Club’s membership structure that eliminates service fees on every order. This component normally tacks on as much as 30 percent of a ticket cost to the total. The added fee can quickly stack up, especially when dealing with something as costly at face value as Super Bowl tickets.

Historically, Super Bowl tickets sell for an average of anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000. Buying from resellers with a 20 percent service fee can significantly up the overall cost of even the cheapest Super Bowl ticket. Under that basic pricing structure, a 20 percent service fee will transform a $2,000 into a $2,400 one. And the unnecessary costs only go up from there.

Ditch the service fees that blindly cost customers hundreds of dollars. Rely on Ticket Club for the cheapest Super Bowl LIV tickets. For membership details or to sign up, click here.

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