Our Writers

We’re a fairly small dedicated team at Ticket Club, but we have a lot of friends, family, and specialists who work with us every day to help us flourish. Below you’ll find some brief descriptions of the wonderful members of our small team – written by them, for you.

Kelly –

New England born and raised girl with a passion for writing, tennis, and randomly quoting movies. She holds a Bachelors degree in Communication-Journalism and is excited to share her work on this platform as a Content Developer for Ticket Club.

Armani –

Born in Connecticut at a hospital where the nurse got his intended name wrong, he has traveled often since he was a child.  His adventurous spirit eventually brought him to NYC, where he lived for several years as he attended New York University. Armani is an avid bookworm, and spends his spare time exploring the region, fencing, chasing his dog, and teaching students.

Tim –

A man of few words but great actions, Tim is the director of Ticket Club. Whether its refusing to write a blurb or wrestling Russian bears, every one of his actions is quiet, deliberate, and filled with sensual passion.